The Bank Hospital in Accra, Ghana, has received a two-year accreditation award from COHSASA (The Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa) following an external survey in December 2023.1

Moving an impressive 20 points from 69 at the baseline survey of the hospital to 89 at the external survey, the COHSASA team reported that excellent progress had been made at The Bank Hospital with the development of organisational documented processes across all departments. The surveyors congratulated the hospital and commended it for achieving substantial compliance with the accreditation standards over a relatively short preparation phase – just under a year. The hospital entered the accreditation programme in January 2023 and had a peer-reviewed external survey to measure compliance with standards in December of the same year.

Most of the service areas of the hospital scored well into the 90s. The hospital’s achievement is even more extraordinary given that after its completion in 2017, it stood empty for two years. It was eventually commissioned in 2021. It is owned by the Bank of Ghana and is operated by Lenmed Health.

The Bank Hospital offers a wide range of specialised services including a catheterisation laboratory, a dialysis unit, and MRI and CT scan units. The hospital has recently performed its first renal transplant, with plans to expand this service in future. Critical care facilities are also currently being expanded.

Mrs Jennifer Moodley, the Quality Manager of The Bank Hospital, who led the process and helped to achieve this success said, “It was a tough journey. As a team we kept positive, we collaborated, and we worked well towards a common goal. We set timelines and got buy-in from all staff in both clinical and non-clinical areas.

“Our target was to move from a position of non-compliance with the COHSASA standards, to partial compliance and then to full compliance. We used the COHSASA Quality Information System – CoQIS – to track our progress and monitor trends.

“The use of CoQIS created the consistency to drive quality processes and procedures and providing continuous feedback and engagement with heads of departments and unit managers helped us along the way.

“I think the key to our success was that the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Indren Poovan, the Medical Director, Dr Charlotte Osafo and the Chief Financial Officer, Ms Grace Awotwe were committed and supportive all the way through.

“Being accredited elevates The Bank Hospital’s platform to an international level,” says Mrs Moodley.

Mr Indren Poovan, manager of The Bank Hospital says, “I found this process of accreditation enlightening. I was not sure if my staff would embrace this new way of doing things as there are no other currently accredited healthcare facilities in Ghana. I was suitably impressed by the manner in which all categories of staff embraced the accreditation process and, more importantly, how all staff members took ownership of their responsibilities.

“Because the accreditation process cuts across the entire hospital, all staff members were involved and had to be aligned to achieve this common objective.”

Mr. Poovan praised the staff for embracing the accreditation process and taking ownership of their responsibilities. He highlighted the positive impact of accreditation on patient safety, quality of care, patient satisfaction, staff morale, and stakeholder confidence. Mr. Poovan believes that accreditation will lead to improved outcomes, reduced errors, streamlined processes, and an overall more efficient healthcare environment at The Bank Hospital.

1 This is the second facility in Ghana to be awarded accreditation by COHSASA. The first was the C and J Medicare Hospital and Diagnostic Centre which was accredited from 2018 to 2020.

The team at The Bank Hospital in Accra, Ghana that drove the accreditation process pictured with the COHSASA surveyors who conducted the external evaluation. Front row (from left): Ernest Mireku, Louisa Asamoah, Sonia Amponsah, Dr Gloria Ansa – Deputy Medical Director, Dr Charlotte Osafo – Medical Director, Indren Poovan – Chief Executive Officer, Dr Giel van Schalkwyk, Chief Surveyor of COHSASA, Ms Firdousa Hassan, COHSASA surveyor, Jennifer Moodley, Quality Manager at the hospital and Chief Financial Officer, Grace Awotwe. Back row (from left): Kuda Chihoto, Michael Botchway, Prince Rockson, Vivian Tetteh, Samuel Gyampoh, Stella Govender, Dr Lydia Opoku-Ahene and COHSASA Surveyor, Mr. Riel Le Roux.

The finance team.

CEO Indren Poovan (on the right) congratulates Prince Rockson, head of the Radiology Unit and his team on reaching compliance with COHSASA standards.