Use of COHSASA Logos

Compliance with the following guidelines is required when using COHSASA logos as proof of accreditation:

  • The organisation must hold a valid and current accreditation award conferred on it by COHSASA.
  • The healthcare facility must cease using any COHSASA logos (this includes the COHSASA logo and the CoQIS logo) as soon as the accreditation period lapses.
  • The healthcare facility must remove the COHSASA HTML logo from its website once accreditation has elapsed.
  • The use of logos shall also cease if the COHSASA Board determines that the healthcare facility no longer meets the requirements for standard compliance and has its accreditation status withdrawn.
  • Logos must remain in the same format as that supplied by COHSASA but may be printed in black and white and re-sized to suit the needs of individual healthcare facilities.
  • No COHSASA logo may be used by the healthcare facility to advertise any products and services of the facility or in connection with any commercial purpose other than the permitted uses without the prior written agreement of the COHSASA Board.
  • The right of a healthcare facility to use COHSASA logos is restricted to that organisation and this right cannot be re-assigned to any other person or entity.
  • COHSASA reserves the right to terminate the use of its logos by notice in writing if the healthcare facility breaches any of the terms outlined above.
  • COHSASA reserves the right to alter or vary the terms and conditions of the use of its logos at any time, as it sees fit.
  • Guidelines for printing the logos, including the colour breakdown, apply for use on all print and electronic materials and promotional items such as letterheads, menus, stationery, newsletters, brochures, annual reports, business cards and advertising.
  • By receiving these Terms and Conditions and using the COHSASA logo, the healthcare facility acknowledges that it (through its authorised representative) has read and understood the terms and conditions of such use and agrees to be bound by those terms and conditions.