Proud members of the team at Mediclinic Milnerton accept the COHSASA 4-year accreditation certificate from Jacqui Stewart, CEO of COHSASA.  With her are facility Manager, Anne Marie Nortje and Rehana Olivier.

Despite the hardships imposed by the COVID19 pandemic, Mediclinic Milnerton has been awarded a four-year accreditation by COHSASA signifying that the healthcare facility has achieved a high level of excellence.

A COHSASA accreditation award means that Milnerton Mediclinic has entered a rigorous quality improvement programme and been assessed against, and complies with, standards recognised by the International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA), the global body overseeing accreditation and quality improvement programmes in healthcare organisations in 70 countries around the world. COHSASA itself is accredited by the IEEA as are its standards. COHSASA is the only accrediting body for healthcare facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa recognised by the IEEA.

Healthcare facilities that initially enter the programme and meet standards are awarded two-year accreditations and as the journey in improving quality continues, awards of longer duration are given. A four-year accreditation award from the Council should signal to patients that a facility has sustained an excellent level of standards over a commendable period.

All facilities that receive an accreditation award must undergo an interim survey halfway through the period to ensure that standards are being maintained.

The following facilities have recently had remote surveys (called Interim Surveys) to check whether standards are being maintained halfway through a four-year accreditation award and COHSASA is please to report that they have maintained standards:

Mediclinic George/Geneva

Mediclinic Hoogland

Mediclinic Kimberley

Mediclinic Panorama

Mediclinic Paarl

Mediclinic Pietermaritzburg

Mediclinic Welkom

Mediclinic Windhoek

Nigeria LNG Hospital

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, COHSASA has had to change its implementation model to include hybrid evaluation surveys. This means that only one surveyor is onsite while two surveyors connect remotely from Cape Town.