(Right) Nursing manager, Mercia Rix (left) 
received the award on behalf of Mediclinic
Durbanville management from COHSASA
CEO, Jacqui Stewart. With them is the
General Manager of the hospital, Christine Taylor.


(Above) The Management Team of Mediclinic Durbanville poses with the Katrin Kleijnhans Quality Trophy. Hospital Manager, Christine Taylor, is holding the trophy.

Proud members of the Mediclinic Durbanville Management Team gathered in the hospital’s Board Room on Monday February 27, 2017 to receive the Katrin Kleijnhans Quality Trophy from the CEO of the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa, Jacqui Stewart.

Mediclinic Durbanville is the first hospital in the Mediclinic Group to receive the award.

In presenting the award, Ms Stewart, said that it was an honour for her to present the award to a management team that took the issue of quality improvement seriously. The team had created the environment which enabled the hospital to achieve its third accreditation award from COHSASA and obtained a three-year award; signifying that standards had been maintained.

She said that the Quality Trophy is awarded to an individual, a unit, a department or a discipline in a healthcare facility that has made the most impressive or substantial contribution to quality improvement during the course of the COHSASA accreditation process. The recipient is not selected by COHSASA but is chosen by the appropriate authority at the healthcare facility.

“This beautiful trophy, with its shape echoing the COHSASA logo, honours the memory of our COHSASA colleague, Dr Katrin Kleijnhans, who died on September 28, 2016 after a long illness. It is intended that the trophy carry forward her legacy and encourage others to share her enormous passion for ensuring quality and safety in health care. It was fitting that Mercia Rix, who received the trophy on behalf of the team, attended one of Katrin’s last workshops on quality and safety.

“We hope that after its initial presentation, the trophy will become an annual internal floating trophy, given to a deserving recipient at the facility,” she said.

Mediclinic Durbanville General Hospital Manager, Mrs Christine Taylor, said the hospital was delighted to be the first Mediclinic recipient of the Award. “Thank you for this award, we do believe in quality improvement – all sections of our management – and this award will encourage even more effort in this regard to ensure that we maintain our standards.”



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