Every four years COHSASA  – like all its clients undergoing the quality improvement and accreditation process – submits to being evaluated itself. This is conducted by the global authority – the International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (ISQuaEEA) – that monitors healthcare evaluators. ISQuaEEA confers on healthcare accreditors the standing and authority that they have the resources, means and capacity to credibly and reliably audit others.

It is a comprehensive, thorough and exhaustive process (so we know how our hospitals feel when we come along!) COHSASA has been consistently accredited (both as an organisation and its standards) without interruption since 2002.

Arriving in Cape Town this week to conduct the survey (in bitterly cold weather) were ISQua surveyors, Dr Hein Muller of the Netherlands and Jan Mackereth-Hill of the UK. Both are highly-trained and have conducted surveys around the world. The evaluation will wrap up on Friday when COHSASA will be notified whether it is to be accredited for the next four years and with suggestions on opportunities for improvement.

The survey is taking place at COHSASA’s Claremont office in Cape Town.

COHSASA Staff members (clockwise starting at the centre back): Cheryl Adams (Knowledge Management), Dr Hein Muller (ISQuaEEA surveyor), Jan Mackereth-Hill (ISQuaEEA Surveyor), Nadine Joubert (Databank Supervisor), Mtisunge Chiotha (Unit Head: ICT) and Noleen  Davids and Kefuoe Qwela:  Databank Helpdesk.