CoQIS – A Short Description

To assist healthcare facilities participating in COHSASA’s quality improvement and accreditation programme, the Council offers a secure, web-based Quality Information System (CoQIS). Using this system clients are able to view in real time their standard compliance scores, reasons for non-conformance and progress made. Due to development demands over time, COHSASA recently re-developed the quality information system and a new version, CoQIS II, has been released.

Staff at facilities are trained to use CoQIS and are provided with 24-hour access via encoded password permissions. They are also given support via a COHSASA-based Helpdesk.

The system helps facilities to identify deficient areas of operation and provides a prioritised work-plan to address these deficiencies.
It provides personnel with direct access to quality improvement data that they can use to monitor their performance against standards. It supports on-going health quality improvement programmes in all areas of the facility and enables management at all levels to make informed decisions in the process of responding to deficiencies.

CoQIS has been designed to allow facilities, following training, to input their own data and monitor their own facility performance.  The system assists facilities to reach and maintain accreditation standards and prepare for accreditation surveys and is a tool for the ongoing monitoring of performance using various reports.

The reports enable users to view different information stored in the system. For example, an Accreditation Report run at any stage of the programme indicates the potential accreditation level, based on current performance.  A number of the reports are generated in a fixed format, such as the Accreditation Report.  The information can be displayed in text, tabular and graph formats. 

Various query tools are available, such as the Scores Query tool, which allows the user to run reports based on selected criteria in different departments in a hospital and thus compare the performance of departments at a given time and monitor progress over time.