Professor Stuart Whittaker
Good news coming from ISQua (the International Society for Quality in Health Care) is that our CEO, Professor Stuart Whittaker, has not only been invited to join a recently established group known as the ISQua Expert Group but has also been appointed to the Board Advisory Committee (BAC) of ISQua. The Expert Group is a resource bank of safety and quality healthcare professionals and others involved in healthcare delivery and advocacy. These are stalwarts recognised as expert in their field to assist ISQua in the development and operation of its various programmes and for the purpose of enabling further sharing and learning across the globe.
The role of the BAC is to direct international accreditation and other forms of external evaluation around the world. These appointments place COHSASA, in the person of the CEO, at the very heart of the global compass on all issues affecting accreditation. These appointments will add to our credibility and status as an organisation of note.
As an ISQua Expert, the CEO of ISQua, Tracey Cooper, will approach Prof Whittaker to seek advice, guidance and input on various ISQua programmes, both current and new, such as external evaluation of healthcare services, education activities, furthering innovation in health care, supporting quality and safety in lower and middle-income countries and healthcare research and development.
While on the subject of ISQua, please check out that organisation’s terrific new website at