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16 April 2012

The new COHSASA Quality Improvement Plan which provides healthcare facility staff with a clear, web-based step-by-step guide on addressing deficiencies in their facilities was launched in February 2012.

The programme, written by Jalalodien Abrahams, COHSASA's Systems Development Manager, assists facilities to address shortcomings in a logical and sequential plan, starting with the most critical deficiencies. The plan makes it possible healthcare managers to immediately assess where effort and resources will best be deployed and to monitor improvements in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

04 April 2012

For the first time in human history, the world will soon have more older people than children. The human race is ageing and we are unprepared. Unless we change the way we think and act about ageing, we will miss the opportunity to age in good health and to build a society where older people are respected and valued. That is why this year the World Health Organization is dedicating its birthday - on 7 April - World Health Day - to healthy ageing.

poor hospital standards
15 March 2012

Poor hospital care poses a risk to the lives of many patients in the developing world, say researchers.

A study of 26 hospitals in eight countries in the Middle East and Africa found more than one death per day in every hospital was due to preventable accidents and poor treatment. To read full article on BBC News, Click here.

12 March 2012
Dear Colleagues,
08 March 2012 | Geneva - A new book "The evolving threat of antimicrobial resistance - Options for action", was launched today by the World Health Organization. It showcases examples of actions taken to slow down drug resistance and preserve the ability of medicines to effectively treat many infectious diseases. The steps taken by governments, health facilities and providers and others are examples of what had been recommended in the 2001 WHO Global Strategy for Containment of Antimicrobial Resistance.